Ultimate Guard Boulder Deck Case 100+ SYNERGY Blau/Rot

Mmmh... I just lost my train of thought. Yeah, right, I was going to show you my newest invention: the red and blue Ultimate Guard Boulder 100+ SYNERGY. This little thing is the embodyment of perfect craftsmanship and it will serve you well if you know how to master it. Over time you will find out about all its secret features and the things it can do when used right...

- Designed für bis zu 100 (double-sleeved) oder 120 (single-sleeved) Karten der Standardgröße in Ultimate Guard Sleeves
- Langlebige und stabile Box
- Soft-Touch-Oberfläche
- Entworfen um in andere Ultimate Guard-Produkte zu passen: Superhive 550+, Arkhive 400+, Flip'n'Tray 100+, Twin Flip'n'Tray 200+
- Sicherer Verschluss

Abmessungen ca.: 76 x 75 x 98,5 mm
Innenabmessungen ca.: 68,5 x 67,5 x 93 mm
€ 11,95
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